January 13, 2011


Trimming the tree

Christmas shopping
Gingerbread house making

Holiday dance party/food bank drive

Utah Symphony Christmas performance.
Beautiful sounds, tasty dinner, and delightful company.
Linda made this dress! I made her pose for a picture because I was so impressed that she sewed this dress in just a few weeks. We talked about going to the Symphony and how fun it is to get all dressed up, and the whole ambiance, she said " I want to make a bright red Christmas dress", and she did!!! She finished it in time for the symphony, and looked beautiful. It goes perfectly with her trademark red lips.
More gingerbread making. This gingerbread man has got to be the most decorated cookie out there!

Christmas luncheon with the girls.

Grand America Christmas Brunch. Thanks to Ali at the Grand, we got in on a very busy Christmas brunch. He is the sweetest man, and friend of John's family. One of the happiest people I know. I'm a beneficiary of his kindness, he always packs me a special bread pudding to go. As we got up to leave, he whispered " I would wait a few minutes to leave, just trust me, it's a good surprise". David Archuleta and crew walked in and sat down a few tables away from us, Whitney and I freaked out of course. ha ha!
Temple Square lights.

Wonderful Christmas time. So thankful for family, friends, health, happiness, and most of all
Jesus Christ.

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  1. Love seeing these pictures. You look beautiful, Blakes!