April 12, 2011


Where thou art - that - is Home. ~Emily Dickinson

What I'm about to type sounds so cliche' in about every way.
1. Life in NYC really is so stinkin' busy.
2. I can't believe it's already spring time.. I love it.
3. I haven't blogged forever.
4. Some days I don't particularly love that quote and don't want home to be 'where the heart is' but for it to be home in the Salty City!

There you have it, the typical posts, cliche' as can be. Lately I haven't been writing as much as I like to and it's apparent in this post that my creative juices need some help with the flow.
I thought I would have so much time here in the city as I started life here with no commitments, no family to spend time with, not knowing anyone, etc. In reality, my days seem to fly by (except for the days I get a message or picture from little Kimball or my Mama, or see a dog that reminds me of Cooper, then the days are slower, more like molasses. That's a whole different story) and I sometimes find myself wishing I had just a few more hours to get things done.

Between my 15 University credit courses online, waiting approximately 5 minutes for every subway, walking 10 minutes to the subway stop, riding the subway for 15 minutes then walking 10 more minutes, a part-time job, grocery shopping then walking ten more minutes, groceries in hand, walking to the gym, lunch and matinee dates with Karen, walking up 90 stairs to leave our apartment, then walking 90 stairs to return to our apartment, having fun visitors to play with and tour with for days and days, Knicks games, concerts, walking to the oldest NYC library to take my proctored exams for the U, celebrity chasing, attending talk shows, and last but not least, eating my way through the city, trying to taste every single delicious bakery, deli, hot dog cart, etc. I pleasantly smile as it gets one day closer to visiting home, and another smile because I'm grateful for such a fun- adventurous day in this crazy city.

I am slowly learning the ropes of being a "New Yorker", but don't consider myself to be one, and I'm still not quite sure if I'd like to be one. Some days I claim that I live here, some days I say "I'm from Utah and live here for a short while" other days I get confused and really have to remind myself for now this is "home" just not really "home" in a weird way that makes sense to me.
What a lucky experience we have right now, and at the same time, so hard to be away from home and family. So grateful for each other, our health, happiness, safety, welcoming friends, and Magnolia bakery being on our corner, as we take on this adventure together in the city.
A catch up will come soon....... I need to do a lot of it.


  1. ahhh! new york sounds very fun, and very exhausting! next time you come "home" to "visit" we should do lunch!! have fun, and can't wait for the next update! :)

  2. Love this post! You captured exactly how I feel too about where home is! I think we both get so confused when people say where do you live? " Uh not really New York, not really Utah..." So glad we have each other in this crazy city!! XOXO Karen

  3. Emily, you're such a doll. Yes, we should do lunch at "home". Great to hear from you.

    Karen, Seriously our typical show scene "who's from New York", us..... ummmm kindof, where else? " Utah, and New York" actually I just don't know? ha ha ha!!! So glad to share this with you.

  4. Blakes! Glad you were able to take classes online. I doesn't seem that long ago that we were in class together. Take a day at a time and enjoy New York for me! Make sure you try Georgia's BBQ. Oh so good! :)

  5. Blakes we are so happy for you guys for being adventurous and living your life to the fullest...but we miss you so much!!! This was such a cute post! Love you girl :)