June 23, 2011

Easter in New York

We woke up to the birds chirping on our old 1940's window sill, the sun was shining, it was finally a nice spring day... So we thought.

We went on a walk in Central Park.

Went to church and came out to this pouring rainstorm. We were already wet so we wandered around the park some more.

The Easter decor at Rockefeller Center.

It was a bit hard for me on Easter because it was my first away from home. I was missing waking up to the smell of hard-boiled eggs and the red rocks out my window in St. George. I love the memories of our Easters at the condo in St. George. We lived for the egg hunt at the clubhouse.
One massive egg hunt on the tennis courts, potato sack races, digging in saw dust for coins, and delicious Easter dinner with the whole family. It really made me homesick thinking about all of my past Easter Sundays. I'm grateful for our wonderful friends Lisa and John who had us over for dinner, and the Snows who invited us to their egg roll. It's amazing what a difference it makes to be surrounded by good people when living away from home.

Central Park

The Snows invited us over for their annual egg roll. They don't mess around with this. We all decorated two eggs, you can guess which ones belong to each of us.... They set up a playing field on the apartment floor, egg vs. egg, we rolled our eggs to collide in the middle and if yours cracks, it's out of the competition. It was hilarious. Both John and I had pretty weak eggs.
It was such a fun new tradition to remember.

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