June 22, 2011

Forever Young

One weekday afternoon, walking home from Trader Joes with five bags in my hands, wearing sweats and sneakers, John calls and says, "Rod Stewart concert in an hour, I was just given tickets". I was so excited!! I have a little thing for my man Rod. One of my first ever concerts was Rod Stewart. I was about 12 years old, I went with my Mom and loved it. I even counted that he changed his outfit 13 times during the concert. Then while John and I were dating, we were seated next to him at a restaurant in Vegas. I stared the whole time. His hair is even better in person ha ha! I don't know how he gets it to stay so perfectly, but he does. So this Thursday evening, I rushed home with all our groceries, ran up our 79 stairs as fast as I could,
and smiled as I got ready.
Stevie Nicks was the opening singer, that was a good surprise. All I could think of was driving in the car with my Dad while I was a little girl, listening to Fleetwood Mac as we drove along.
Stevie's awesome hat

Rod! He didn't change 13 times this concert, but at least 4 times.
This was his 42nd time selling out Madison Square Garden. Crazy!
At age 66, his tan, voice, and moves are still selling out the Garden.
He drop kicked over 25 signed soccer balls into the audience. He's a rock-star. literally ha!
Just jammin' out to Maggie May.

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