May 17, 2011

A lot of love

I was able to go home to visit for a week in February. Dad, Landon, and I went skiing.
So beautiful. Like always, a great day on the mountain.

Love these two boys. My Dad can still "own" me on the mountain. He's such a good skier. Landon is our leader, touring us all over Snowbird.

We made my Mama's Valentine sugar cookies. I look forward to them every year.
Coop! My little guy. I miss him so much, and how perfect is his red heart tag for Valentine's Day?
I love holiday's at my parents house for many reasons, one being the festive decorations she so beautifully trims the home with.

Valentine cards from Poppy and Grandma.
Receiving a real Valentine in the mail could possibly be the biggest "smiler" ever. Ever since I can remember, my cute Grandparents have sent us a real handwritten Valentine card. I look forward to it every year. I can't help but smile thinking about it still.

Visiting these cuties. They are all quite the performers these days.

These two will rock your socks off on the dance floor. I think I almost peed my pants laughing so hard while they performed. The robot, toe tap, hair slick, and lip syncing all at the same time.
(p.s. Pretty sure these two know all the words to every top downloaded song on itunes right now, they rock!!)

Fun with cousins, and more performing.
I got a little crafty and made more Valentine Cards.

I travel with bags from Magnolia, even if they have to sit on my lap for a five hour flight....
Sleepover at Mimi's. The three of us waking up. I love these mornings. I could stay in bed and cuddle these two all morning long.

Karen and I were able to attend the Valentine's Day Martha Stewart Show.
High maintenance Martha! Really though, her crew came out to work on her in between every single break. They had these super intense looking belts around their waste, with every imaginable beauty product attached. I couldn't stop laughing! They don't mess around, Martha's got to look good. ha ha!
We were lucky and received a book about the heart, and keeping it healthy, a book on the science of kissing (pretty hilarious, still haven't read it) and some darling heart earrings.

The festive Empire State building on Valentine's Day.
Our Valentine's date.

Hottie! Just chatting on the phone in the subway

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