May 16, 2011


January was quite the month for us.
Moving to New York, then moving again in New York, new jobs, new and new routines.
I always planned on writing about our life here in the city, and of course as it goes, I got too busy. Although the long and cold winter wasn't my favorite (to say the least) I want to remember all of the experiences, so I'm doing a bit of a re-journal(ing) what a word!?

Us on our porch steps or "stoop" I should say.
Fun fact: The reason all of the charming old apartment buildings here in Manhattan were given the name 'Brownstone' is because of the terrible brown situation they dealt with......
You see, carriages are cute, and horses too, especially the ones with the feathers perfectly placed on their head, flowing in the wind, but horse poop... that's not cute. They had to build these entrances above ground, hence the stoop.

Super bowl party at the Clegg's.
Riding the subway.

Rob and Whitney visit from D.C.

Do you think these two are loving the shopping at Anthropologie or what?

One of our many favorite brunch spots.
Peels NYC.

Just an urban snowman.
Recycled tote for hat and scarf
One phone charger for an eye
One foot pedal of some sort for another eye
Umbrella handle for the nose
Two plastic lids for buttons
one zip tie for a mouth.

Our street after a snow storm
p.s. Walking in this isn't too ideal

First sighting of T.J. in New York. I had to take a photo for Mom; worlds best T.J. Maxx shopper.

Another snow storm
Ha ha.

Just freezing my A- off on the way to church!
Somehow it wasn't too cold for a picture though ha ha!

A trip to D.C. to visit these two
Dangerous when you have a friend who's an employee at Anthropologie!

Watching the Golden Globes in 3D

My favorite little house in all of Arlington, because my two favorite peeps live there.

John's first day at Madison Square Garden.
Freezing, and didn't want me to document it, but I did :)
Saw this while walking down the street. Quality writing around here.


  1. Oh, I like this post. But it makes me miss you!

  2. Makes me miss you too Whit, but then I think... when don't I miss you?!!