May 18, 2011

Quick trip

Duff and Stokes came to visit just for a few days. It was such a quick trip, but we packed in everything possible in two days.
Times Square on a beautiful sunny day. I so wish the sun would come out this week...
Purse shopping of course!
DASH. I will be the first to admit,
I'm a Kardashian fan and I'm addicted to their ridiculous show.
Central Park

This restaurant is famous for their restrooms... what? ha ha. We had to eat there just to see.
I thought it was pretty flippin sweet. The stalls are all glass. When the door shuts they steam up so from the outside you can't see through it, but from the inside you can. Ha ha, it's hilarious to watch everyone from the outside hanging out, waiting, or pulling on the door.

Yes, that sundae is truly about the size of my head. It was yummy though.

We were lucky to spend one night at a fun hotel downtown.
What a killer view we had from the balcony.

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