May 19, 2011

Hot Chocolate in Spring

Doug and Linda came during a very cold spring week. We had such a fun time, but had to enter some type of cafe' or restaurant every half hour to get some hot chocolate and warm our toes. I loved that.
Shopping. Linda and I have this special little shopping tradition where we go to forever21 together and pick out a new jewelry item for each other. We always find the most unexpected little treasures. The Forever21 in Times Square is 5 floors, so we were in heaven. I'm so grateful for someone who has the patience to shop at this store with me, dig through clothes, take the time to sort through the racks, and love it. It is a bit overwhelming of a store.
Knicks game.
John and Doug made themselves at home in Crate & Barrel while we shopped. Ha!
We found our favorite Chanel perfumes for sale on the street. Have to Love NYC.
Sweet Linda had a hard time buying it at first, because it was clearly, stolen or something sketchy. She's a good example, I probably should have listened.However, when I saw that Chanel Chance perfume I've been wanting for $40.00. "Well" I said, "someone is going to buy it from this man if we don't, so we might as well be the lucky ones." I guess I'm the bad influence talking her into it.
Macy's flower show. The entire main floor was covered in live flowers. It was unbelievable. The jewelry counters, sunglasses displays, racks, etc. completely covered with beauty. The smell was almost too good, just making a shopping experience that much better.

So, I have the Mama Mia soundtrack on my i-pod and I'm willing to bet it's one of my most played. John can't stand it. Like he really cant stand it. Noooooooo he always says when I so stealthily put my i-pod into the i-home and turn up the volume. (i-pods and i-homes ha ha, such a funny vocabulary we have these days) Anyways, I LOVE Mama Mia. Just typing this makes me want to listen and sing it at the top of my lungs. I was so excited for this play and it did not disappoint. The costumes were amazing, and of course I sang along to every song. "Here I go again, my my, how can I forget you."


  1. hah! I just laughed out loud at your persuading Linda to buying the "sketchy" perfume :) you're the cutest. hope things are going great! Wish we could come visit you guys out there!

  2. Blakes that was an AWESOME post! John's cute mom with her matching lipstick and coat, what a snazzy woman! Love the perfume story. And I have seen Mama Mia a few times, totally my favorite play ever! Come over and Speen and I will totally jam out with you! ;)