June 23, 2011

A friend in the city

I was so lucky to have Karen living in New York when I arrived. The first few months of snow, wet subway stations, cold nights, and umbrellas, would have been much harder to manage without a good friend. Karen immediately toured me around the city, while stopping at the yummiest bakeries along the way.

Our trip to the Central Park Zoo.

Central Park in full bloom

Laying out on Karen's rooftop.

Alice's Tea Cup.

Dinner at Room Service, delicious Thai food.

John and Jon being nerds, having contests with their chopsticks. ha ha
I miss our weekly trampoline class and workouts at Equinox. I miss our adventures on the subway, running to the shows with two minutes to get there, yogurt stops, sweet potato fries and falafels, but most of all just roaming around the city and enjoying having a friend who makes it feel more like home. We always talk about how we need to enjoy the experience, and how funny it will be when we are 10 years down the road with bunches of kids, busy schedules, looking back at this time in New York and wish we could be there again hanging out in Central Park, with nothing to do but enjoy the city.

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  1. Oh I loved this post!! I miss you too!! I love that picture of all of us- those boys are hilarious!! We'll be back in town the week of the 4th of July and I'm calling you- we need to catch up on everything! I'm used to talking to you everyday! So excited for you to be back in the city!! XOXO