July 19, 2011

Las Vegas,LOVE,& Flagstaff

Heading North, on our way back from Lake Powell with my family, we pulled off the road, transferred our suitcases, hopped into the car heading South, and drove to Las Vegas with Holly and the two babes. A few days later we headed to Flagstaff with the Cardon crew. Road trippin' across the west (well, a few states in the west, only the hot ones!!)

Hanging out in Flagstaff. Riding bikes, laying by the pool, evening walks.

Painting our nails on the porch

Driving around town

Golfing at Forest Highlands
Beauty beyond words. Lined with pines and flowing rivers, I would have been fine just observing the beauty from the seat of our golf cart with a diet coke in hand of course.

Parley & Bo: favorite golf duo.
They were teaching me all their special skills, not to mention, sharing quite a few balls with me when mine frequently disappeared into a nearby lake, or field. Ha!

John was in heaven. He doesn't get to golf as much as he would like to, boo hoo. That's what he gets for moving to New York City right? I'm so glad he could golf on our trip, and even more glad he invited me along to enjoy his favorite afternoon. This past fall he was in a tournament. He hit some balls a few days prior, got excited, bought a new pair of gloves and that was all I knew about it. He returned home saying it was fun and he really enjoyed it. A week later I came across a bag full of prizes, small gifts and a 1st place trophy. Seriously!
He won first place and didn't even tell anyone about it. Ha!
Anxiously waiting until he got home to tell him how awesome he was, I was so proud. His reply " yes, I won, but it wasn't that cool" with a look, (crazy wife)

Back in the car to Las Vegas.
So lucky to be there for John's Birthday.
Swimming in Tom and Laura's pool.

The ice cream cake I made him.
Not so sure that an ice cream cake was the best idea in Las Vegas, but it was his 30th for heaven sakes, and that's his favorite! It took all day to set up, and immediately melted upon leaving the freezer. It still tasted delicious, and he loved it. (so did little Penny)
p.s. He's got some quality pool hair going on here

I surprised him with tickets to the Beatles LOVE Cirque Du Soleil.
Another one of his favorites, The Beatles. I guess I'm pretty good at sneaky things (scary) because he had no idea until I handed him the tickets. I love a good surprise.

Rob and Whitney just happened to be in Las Vegas the same day. Happened to be... or the man above knew Whitney and I sure needed some time together. I swear, it's always too long between our visits and I can't get enough of being with her. I couldn't think of a better combo, being in Las Vegas and with my best friend. After the show we spent the night out on the town. More shows, one really interesting but exceptionally entertaining concert (John even got in free for his Birthday yay!), walking the strip, Rob's late night jokes, breakfast and spaghetti at 3 a.m.
A very happy 30th Birthday celebrated here.

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  1. This makes me miss you so much. It has definitely been wayyy too long...wonder what city we will meet up in next. love you.