July 18, 2011

Red rocks and a blanket of stars

Lake Powell 2011

John getting some advice from Keith Richards.

Hiking the narrow canyons

Early morning fishing.
(Don't I wake up with some quality hair-do's?)

Kimball was very diligent and wouldn't quit until he finally caught this big guy.

The narrowest of narrow canyons. I had to close my eyes while we barely made it through the tiny gap. (I wasn't driving)

More hiking in the crevasse.
You definitely want to vacation with this guy. Best chef on the lake.
On the grill
'Larry David' the lizard.

"Tonight, tonight, there's a (dance) party on the rooftop top of the world".

More hikes
Campfire on the beach

S'mores of course


Ice cream in the sun. Right out of the carton!

Another narrow canyon ride. It's always an adventure with these two men.

Just my essentials for a grand day in the sun.
(Not pictured, but extremely essential: the company)

Like no other place on earth.

Another wonderful week on the lake.
I smile just thinking about the late night marine radio conversations, dancing on the roof to some Rolling Stones, ( I might of introduced Kimball to Justin Beiber this trip, his Dad is going to kick me for it) lake neighbors not knowing how to tie up their houseboat, another group of lake neighbors parking right next to us (for heavens sake, there's 1960 miles of shoreline), waking up to their boat floating backwards into ours (quality entertainment). Watching the water shimmer like a billion spinning diamonds, as we drive closer and closer to the sun, it feels unreal. The red rocks in the day, and sleeping under a blanket of stars at night, that starry sky surely can't be beat!

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