July 7, 2011

The Little Nest (loft)

As John and I packed up to move out of our little apartment,
I said something I thought I would never ever say. "I'm going to miss this tiny place." The old wood floors collecting dust in the deep cracks on a daily basis, the beautiful old fireplace (didn't hold a fire) but beautiful, the old wooden toilet seat that slid when opened, the rickety aged ladder that creaked as we climbed into our little loft, the loft elevated just right for the perfect view of the whole place, making it feel as though we were carefully placed up high in a tree, a little bit like Thumbelina, feeling so small tucked away in a big huge world. We called this little loft apartment our nest. In the tremendously big and busy city, we made a small little nest our home. Nestled away from the skyscrapers and sounds, every morning I would smile as I woke up to the sound of birds chirping on the windowsill of our nest.

Our little loft: ladder on the left. note: not exactly convenient to climb up and down a ladder every time you need to go to the restroom in the night, or when you're half asleep waking up in the morning.

The shelves: our only shelves in the entire apartment.

That right there is the glorious 50 year old toilette seat.

Our "chandelier". Decals are a win-win for living in the city. Couldn't help myself when I saw it had two little birds perched on it. For sure that couldn't happen on a real chandelier. Ha.

This is the entryway/living room/guestroom/storage/kitchen all in one.
Sounds like a fun time, until you feel as though you're suddenly in the four corners area of the world (actually five corners) with either a leg or an arm in one of the spaces aforementioned, without even trying.
I didn't even take a picture of the "kitchen" itself. If that's what it is even called.
note: no dishwasher, not even 1 drawer, and a whole square foot of counter top. For real! Smaller than small, comically small. I'll just say that cooking in this kitchen was few and far between because after walking a half mile home with groceries and climbing up the 79 stairs,
cooking in a kitchen the size of a bath tub didn't seem very appealingOur apartment was tiny, quirky, and inconvenient to say the least. However, walking out the front door to this makes it totally manageable. Our windows were perfectly placed where the sunshine could shine in all day long. We had wonderful views. It was a charming little nest to make a home. Although I made it sound like a total nightmare (justifiable at times)
I will miss the peculiar character of such.
Central Park


  1. blakes! your little nest is SO cute! i am impressed! (well, not really-- i would expect such a cute abode for such a cute, fashionable lady!) what a fun time that must have been! thanks for sharing! :)