July 7, 2011

Our last visitors (for now)

We were so lucky to have so many people visit us in New York.
It was seriously entertaining to watch our guests walk into our apartment and see the shock on their faces. I loved the excitement and the thought of showing all our family and friends our crazy life in Manhattan. I would walk to the corner the morning before our guests arrived, pick out a bouquet of fresh flowers, and for sure some cheddar puffs from Trader Joe's, walk home and sweep our oooooold wood floor for the millionth time, just to make it look like it was actually cleaned in the past 50 years (I sanitized it 3 times before moving in), and then as I fell asleep I would start planning in my head all of the fun things to do and the "tour of the city" for our guests. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz our old buzzer would would bzzzzzz as we woke up to our guests out on the steps. As they carried their suitcases up the never ending staircases, they'd walk into our apartment and smile. The smile like "wow, it is teeny tinier than I ever imagined, how is my suitcase going to fit in here, where am I going to sleep
" smile. Priceless. John would give them a little tour of the apartment (ha! tour..) which took up a whole 20 seconds, one room and a bathroom makes for an exciting tour. Then we would surprise them with our space utilizing skills and set up their space for the trip. It's amazing what you can do with such a little space. John of course figured out a great set up for our guests. Probably not the most ideal, but a very manageable set up. We made it work, and had so much fun doing so!

Justin and Karissa came to visit the week just before we moved, it was a packed weekend, with a full agenda, these two even got engaged here on their trip.

Levain Bakery. Chocolate chip cookies. I've already blogged about them before and I'm sure many more times to come. They are that good.
This little charm of a place was right under our noses the whole time we lived here and we didn't even know it until Justin brought us here. It might have been a good thing we didn't know about it because I now crave the pumpkin scones on a rather frequent basis, and have returned numerous times.
Two men in a "tea cup"

Just Tina Fey out for brunch. NBD.
I tried to get pics of her but she's definitely no rookie when it comes to hiding from cameras.
The two of us girls pretending to pose for a picture with Tina in the back, she turned again.

Max Brenner restaurant visit.
Everything on the menu has some type of chocolate/cocoa in it. Pizza and fries with chocolate?
Weird, but tasted so good.

Toasting Marshmallows at our table.
Late night Halal. This is the BEST food cart in the city. Hands down. Even at 2am there's a line.

Our new purses.
Another great visit. It was a bit sad to think about this being our last set of visitors in our little apartment. Good times. Can't wait for their wedding. I will finally get to go to Seattle with John and see the places he loved and lived.

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