August 28, 2011

Oh Irene!

I stepped off the plane at JFK after a 14 hour flight from Korea and saw the news stations plastering the screen with Irene warnings. Three hours later I made it to our friends apartment, (A safe spot in upper Manhattan)
through the traffic jammed full of panicked New Yorkers trying to get out of town.
Exhausted and toting two huge suitcases, I raced to Target and Costco to meet John.
The scene was pretty chaotic. People were buying everything and anything they could.

The empty shelves

Our window as the rain came down
In anticipation and nervousness, I had to look out about every five minutes. I couldn't help it.

These boys sure didn't mind a good excuse to be "stuck" inside all weekend, playing xbox.

We had homemade chocolate cream pies thanks to Jace.

Eating pie on the temporary air mattress

Delicious homemade Indian food

As we waited inside all weekend for this.

So glad it wasn't as bad as expected.
Look, that damn Irene, she blew a leaf on our window! That's all.
May have been much ado about nothing, but it sure was a great lesson in preparation. From now on we will prepare as much as possible for emergencies, ahead of time, not be caught in the last minute chaotic mess of panic and people.
Grateful to be safe and sound.


  1. So glad you are safe and sound! Whitney said she was a little disappointed by Irene in North Carolina, nothing but a little rain. Thank goodness!

  2. Thanks. So glad it wasn't as bad as expected. I was thinking about Whitney too! So glad it is all good.