September 11, 2011


As I ride into the Manhattan Skyline on a big white bus, puppy on my lap and John by my side, I can't help but get a bit teary eyed. Living here has given me a stronger understanding of what an enormous impact that September day will always have. All week people have been talking about this day, "I don't want to remember anymore" one woman said to me at the pet store. " I am honored to be a part of this much deserved memorial service a NYC firefighter politely said as I overheard him talking to another as they sat on the steps of the subway. The whole just has a sense of remembrance and unity. Making me realize even more how we all remember differently, we all heal differently, but we are all people, all important, and all trying our best. I will never forget that day and all of those who were impacted. I will also never forget what these wonderful people of New York teach me everyday. 

 Now wish me luck as we go through the tenth security check point of the day. Can't wait to be in our apartment safe and sound. 

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