December 5, 2011

Splurge or Steal?

So, last winter I literally wore a hole in the sole of my snow boots. The New York City winter does NOT mess around!! Walking everywhere, everyday, in dirty, slushy, salty, city snow, takes a toll. Forget about looking cute from January-March here.
I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of winter boots. About a month ago I finally ordered a pair from They have been sitting in their giant box in our living room/kitchen for a month now. Anxious to bust them out, I have been wishing it would snow already, so I could wear my new boots.

This morning I had to do the morning subway travel with the husband. I had to use his scanner at work for a last minute term project. I finished early and decided to wander around mid-town for a bit. I really needed to potty, and it's almost impossible to find decent restrooms here in the city. I walked into Old Navy and right there, I spotted a pair of look-a-like boots! I had to check them out. They were on sale, my exact size, and have the real-deal Thinsulate tag attached. I couldn't pass them up. I was worried they wouldn't be as warm and comfy, but they have just as much warmth and comf!!

Splurge $138.00 ................ Steal $32.00
A little bittersweet, but the boots I have been waiting and waiting to wear, they will be shipped back this week. In the mean time, I hope it snows soon so I can test out my new ones... and because we need some fluffy white stuff for this magical Christmas Season

Bet you can guess which ones are which.?.?

I mean, there's definitely some differences, but not $106.00 worth of differences right?

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