December 7, 2011

New York Surf & Downtown Dribble

Quicksilver hosted their first ever New York surf competition in Long Beach this fall. 
I was riding on the subway one day when I noticed an advertisement for the competition. MSG was the major sponsor. I immediately sent John a text "Hello.... why did you not tell me about this surf competition coming up. We must go! It was a bit of a trip, traveled to Penn Station early in the a.m. , caught the Long Island Railroad, rode for what seemed like forever, finally arrived at Long Beach and walked and walked to the beach. It was worth it to get out of the city for a day!

Surf Champ, Kelly Slater.

 John was in charge of the "Downtown Dribble" for the New York Liberty, and City of Newark, N.J.
It was a GIANT job, but of course he pulled it off perfectly. Hundreds of children organizations, church groups, charity organizations, and teams participated. Over 1,000 basketballs were dropped off, pumped up, and distributed, along with water and snacks. The Prudential Center in Newark was filled with all these excited people. They shut down the entire main street for the dribble. 

                     Mayor Cory Booker and John
          The dribblers. I even did it! Although I think they should shorten it a bit for peeps like me!
It was a full mile of dribblin' and trust me, you don't want me dribbling for a whole mile!!

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