March 9, 2012

According to Instagram

A little update  according to my instagram account.
Weekly or maybe even bi-weekly+ visits to Top It for yogurt. 
Ikea and hot dogs with the little ones. Turkey sandwiches at the Dodo of course. 
Attending cousins cheer competition (She took first place, hollerrr!) Beautiful morning walks, 
and riding the horse at the good ol' Cowboy Grub.
A not so fun visit to the hospital with Kidney stones and hours of tests/MRI's, medicine changes.
Don't know what I would do without my parents taking care of me, watching tv all day long in the ER, picking up prescriptions and much more. So grateful to be over those no good, terrible, rotten kidney stones. (forever* I hope) I don't want to jinx myself, but could get them again due to my diagnosis- "unilateral hydro-nephrosis" in pregnancy. sounds like some crazy word out of a chemistry/biology/book right? Basically the baby is growing in a position where the right kidney is pushed on constantly. The kidney swells up, preventing proper draining (hence the stones). I'm drinking water like it ain't no thing, and it seems to be helping. Here's to four more months of H20.
When I finally came home, Eloise was so worried about me and wouldn't leave my side all night long. Best dog ever! Such beautiful flowers from friends and family. 

A trip back to New York.
It seems like all we do is eat when I'm there. 
Lombardi's Pizza. Truly the best in NYC.

                       Libertador- Argentine restaurant
My man and a platter full of meat.
A trip to Daves Quality Meats (His favorite shop in the city)
And no, they don't sell meat.....
A new pair of Vans for Valentines Day! I know the way to his heart.

Eloise visits her friends at the flower shop on Lexington Ave. 

Tacos in Harlem.
The best deal in the city.

Candy stores, bakeries, and Mood fabrics.
My kind of shopping

Valentine treats for Eloise too.

  Valentines Day lunch date at Parm. 
Another must try if you are in New York.

It was so great to be with John for six whole days. 
It sure is hard being apart, but once I am graduated it will all be worth it!!

Back to school. In the newsroom where there's lots and lots of buttons to be pushed.... scary!
Learning all about video cameras, filming, sound technology, broadcasting, oh my!

Living with Mom = double wardrobe. I am loving it. 
Especially her leopard scarf I have already borrowed at least five times.
I visited my grandparents and showed up in the same hat as Poppy! Love him.
Just a normal day in the Wal-Mart parking lot of course.. a lifted Cadillac. 
Another Blessing of being at my parents house, delicious dinners! I sure am lucky!
This is my Mom's "Hella salad". Loaded with goodness, safe to say it's hella good.ha!

Beautiful walks in the snowy neighborhood.
The regular Cafe Rio lunch. My Dad rocks, he always orders a salad, eats half and brings the other half to me. (John just rolls his eyes and says I am spoiled working for my Dad.... I'm fine with it)
All day I dream about all the fun things to get our baby girl on the way. Things like the above vintage tea sets. Every baby girl needs a tea set right? 
I had to get a picture of the dogs sleeping together. It is an extremely rare occasion when they are both calm and asleep at the same time! It's basically like taking care of two toddlers all day. I need at least an hour nap out of them each day. They sure do make me smile though.


  1. Girl! I have to tell you... I had hydronephrosis too while I was pregnant as well as kidney stones. The pain was awful! I totally know how you feel. Just know that the instant that baby is outside your body you will fell so much better! That is why I always tell people it is so much better having a baby on the ouside. haha. Hope you are feeling better and getting some rest. Good luck girl!

  2. Dang! I didn't know that! I need to call you and chat about it. I would take any advice!!!
    That is really good to hear, seriously makes me feel better to know that you instantly felt better. Thanks for mentioning it. I am so glad you did. Thanks!
    and seeing darling Grady makes me smile knowing it's so worth it. He is such a cute little guy!