March 16, 2012

Atlantic City

The Mr. had some workin' to do in this quality city of Atlantic!
Eloise and I came along, cuz why not? I have always wanted to see AC.
Let me tell you, this is quite the city.
I was expecting it to be much like my fav: Las Vegas. It was sure different. 
Good times at the Trump Plaza:
Staying on the 27th floor made for beautiful views of the ocean and lessons in patience, waiting for the elevator for what seemed like f-o-r-e-v-e-r,
 I ate a whole Snickers bar just while waiting one day: 
That's what pregnancy will do for ya!
 Beach Day
 We were waaaay too excited to take little Lou to the beach for the first time!
She loved it, like really loved it. Her paws hit that sand and she took off straight into the water. 
As the waves swiftly came crashing in she tried to back up just as swift, getting completely soaked by the freezing cold water.  Shortly after that, she realized seagulls. Not a good thing. She for sure thought she could catch this one seagull she picked out. She was literally gone in a flash, down the beach she ran and right behind her was John in his work clothes. Hilarious! John chased her down the entire stretch of beach. He came back dripping sweat and dragging stubborn Eloise on her leash. 

There's something about the warm sand and salty air that I can't get enough of. 
It was a bit of a teaser though.... making me sooo anxious for summer. Can't wait!
 I found this ice cream shop on the boardwalk and fell in love.
Too charming right?

Eloise and I spent a lot of time walking the boardwalk, loving the sunshine. 

Jersey Shore electric tees? Ha! Of course this would be a store here!
The salt water taffy was delish.
 A fun time in Atlantic City, what an interesting place. 

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