March 30, 2012

Thank you Thursday

Thank you Thursday, for being such a lovely one. Thank you for the nice weather outside, the beautiful blossoms blooming along the sidewalk as we worked on a final group project for a video production class (which got out an hour early!) Thank you for the time to wander the new City Creek Center for hours with my Mama. I so love spending time with her; wandering in and out of stores, having a try-on partner, the best person to help with those "tough" decisions in the dressing rooms, 
and pulling bottles of diet coke from her purse as we shop, it's the best.
Thank you for the glimmer of sunshine lasting late into the evening so we could go on a nice walk with the pups after dinner. Which reminds me, so thankful for my favorite ever turkey sandwich from the Dodo, for dinner. Ahhhhh! I could eat it everyday. 

The ideal Thursday, the wonderful day. 
Thankful for days like this. 

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