March 28, 2012

Staycation NYC

Spring Breakin' it "staycation" style
It was so great to be with John in NYC with nothing to do all week long!!!
Eloise and I went on a lot of walks. As usual we window shopped, 
before stopping to get two bottled waters and a hot dog to share  
(yes, she drinks from a water bottle) and yes, I share my hot dog with her too.
We'd sit on a corner where we could catch the thin slice of sun 
shining between the tall buildings, watching the city go by.

The shakes I rave about non-stop. You might think these shakes have recieved waaay too much air-time? Not possible. After all, I did embarrassingly enough throw up on the crowded subway in Times Square, due to this shake. I still don't feel I do them justice by the way I write about them. They are that good. Of course I ordered the usual, Toasted Marshmallow, Gellato.
If you are ever in NYC go to Stand4, you will never regret it.
We tried S'mac for the first time. 
It did not disappoint!
I'm not sure anything that goes in my mouth disappoints lately (Pregnancy is crazy). 
I got the Parisienne:
Mac-n-Cheese for the "upper crust". Creamy Brie, roasted figs, 
roasted shiitake mushrooms & fresh rosemary. OH MY, I am still dying over it. Still!
The St. Patrick's Day parade on 5th Ave. was just a short walk from our apartment.
I made John go.
 Parades are not really his thing, but he got a Levain cookie out of it, so I think he was alright. 
Per his request, the cookie run had to be before the parade. So we walked all the way across Central Park and over
to Levain Bakery for John's cookie. (I've never seen him want to walk so much) 
I know the trick now. Get him on a mission for his cookie and he'll walk all day long. 
These cookies really are worth it though. I would walk forever to have one. 
(Another must try if you are in NYC)
The three of us sat outside and ate our cookies and sipped on milk before watching the parade. 
It was a beautiful day. 

Our little Leprechaun Eloise and all the festive apartments.
Parade watchers were just as entertaining as the parade itself.

The three of us at the parade
John had to work the Rangers game this evening and luckily I got to go, along with some fun friends. 

On the walk home we saw this unreal sight. 
The fog was just right for the green lights atop the Empire State Building. I had to stare at it for quite a while. It almost looked animated, something green goblin style.... So amazing.

My two loves on a walk down Park Avenue.
The weather was gorgeous, we spent a lot of time in Central Park. Watching the blossoms bloom, eating Panini's, barefoot, in the sun... heaven. I also got to meet up with John for lunch during his lunch break (always an excuse to eat good food right?) We sat outside MSG in the sun and ate our BLT sandwiches. A simple, yet lovely day.
So grateful for sunny weather and good times together.