April 20, 2012

Babycakes NYC

I never ever thought I would hear myself saying that I actually enjoyed a "vegan cookie", let alone vegan anything! I like myself some good dairy, like it a lot actually. Cheese, milk shakes, scrambled eggs, I couldn't live without. Over a year ago my cute New York BFF, and city food touring partner, Karen, took me to Babycakes, I judged this bakery by it's cover for sure. 
This place is just as delicious as it is charming.

Tucked away in the random, little, lower east side neighborhood, this bakery is a gem.
They offer varieties of gluten free, sugar free, and vegan, muffins, scones, cupcakes, brownies, you name it. The best though, the cookie sandwich! Seriously good. The cookies are just right for a sandwich and the frosting is to die for. It is chilled and must stay chilled in order to stay preserved.
When you bite into the deliciousness and taste the chilled frosting, it hits you. Pure delight!! 
My new sunglasses and of course some bakery items. I couldn't resist.
P.s. I am obsessed with the color of my new shades.
(got them at forever21 on my way to the bakery)

Next time you are in the city, go to Babycakes, you will not regret it!
It certainly changed my mind about vegan food. (well some of it, sort of)

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