April 29, 2012


Oh how I love Easter candy. 
I still get so excited when I see the first sign of Peeps and Cadbury eggs on the shelves at the store. 
I can't help myself.
We did pastel eggs this year. I was quite proud of my feathered egg. 
Kimball and Landon made the most beautiful turquoise colored egg I have ever seen. 
It was the very last one to be peeled and chopped up for egg salad sandwich later in the week. 
I kept wanting to stare at the beautiful aqua color every time I opened the fridge. 

Easter Dinner
Delicious as always. 
     Little Penny eating her chocolate egg                                   Could these two be any cuter?

Our very own little bunny. 
I just can't help myself. I had to stick a little cotton-tail on Eloise.
Complete with a carrot in her mouth.

Hmmmmm... where are those eggs?

My beautiful Mama. 

 You are never too old for a new Easter dress.
Even when you are married and six months pregnant :)
(Thanks Mom)
It was a wonderful Easter.
Fun to be with family and spend time thinking about Jesus Christ and why we celebrate the Holiday.

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