May 17, 2012

Our New Adventure

Sometimes it seems as though life never slows down. Probably because it doesn't. Period: Dot! Since we have been married, we have been here, there, and everywhere. Spending a summer in Washington DC, a few months in Mexico, half of a summer back home/on the roads of the western states, and made it almost two years living in the big apple.

I look back on these crazy times and somedays don't know how it all worked out. Moving nine times in almost three years. Moving, being dramatically different each time. Some moves involving all our furniture in the back of a truck, some consisting of just a few very large and heavy boxes, standing on the corner of NYC and persuading the taxi cab drivers into allowing us to load all the boxes in and head across Manhattan to our new "home". Such adventures. Such challenges,
but also such wonderful learning experiences. At times I wish we could just be back home in one place; right smack dab in between my parents house and Johns parents.
Ha! Never ever moving again. Then I think about all that has been learned,
all that we've experienced and the strength we've gained. Strength I never knew existed.

Following suit, we are starting a new adventure come August. We are moving to Florida!
John will start a two year, Sports Management/MBA program. We are so grateful for this opportunity and I am ever so proud of John and all of his hard work. It is also scary, just as any new adventure is. 
The thoughts are swirling through my head constantly. "We know nothing about Tampa, where will we live, what will it be like, how will we move with a new baby, are there really alligators everywhere, ahhhhhhh, how will everything work out?"

Then I say a little prayer and remind myself to think about all the strength 
the Lord gives us when embarking on new adventures in life.  
It will all work out. 

After all, Florida is "The Sunshine State" (I couldn't love that more)