May 3, 2012

Pink Popcorn and Cousins

How lucky is this baby girl of ours?
My sweet aunt and cousins threw a wonderful baby shower for us. 
There's no messing around when it comes to delicious food in this family. 
My aunt Linda is a fabulous cook and has passed it down to her girls. 
We all say "if there's something you love at any restaurant, 
have Linda try it and she will be able to make it, exact." 
 The delicious white chocolate popcorn in the lightest baby girl pink.

I had to add these photos of my cousin Kecia's twins. 
She is seriously a rock star of a mom, I do not know how she does it. 
It was hard enough for me to even hold two of them.

Thanks for such a great time. I love seeing all my cousins from my Dad's side. 
Sounds cliche' but we don't get together enough.