May 5, 2012

Birthday at the State Capitol

 This cute little dude turned SIX this week. 
When asked what he wanted to do for his Birthday, 
he replied "I want to take my friends to the State Capitol."
and that's what he did......
He guided his cute little crowd all through the giant building. 
Oooohing and Awwwing at the tall pillars, walking the beautiful stairways, 
touring the house seats, and seeing the Governor's office, 
Kimball was 'in his element' loving every minute of it. 
He even got a picture with Senator Hatch


"Root beer floats in a mug"
That was his other request. 
Sooooo, naturally we went to Hires Big H.
The Birthday boy got his very large root beer float in a mug.
 I love this little man so much. 
I still remember the day I became an aunt, waiting so so anxiously for him to arrive. 
My favorite ever.
Happy Birthday Kimball.

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