December 23, 2012

The orange and palm trees sway

It's been a different December than we are used to.
 This sunshine loving girl is not complaining one bit!
What a change from our Christmas living in NYC last year.
Though it really doesn't feel like Christmas when it is 80 degrees outside,
 the Christmas spirit is alive and beautiful in such a way I have never seen. 

We have been taking walks every evening, just to see the palm trees against the gorgeous sunsets.
The sun shines on top of the trees and poinsettias are covering the ground. 
Porches are covered with potted plants and tropical Christmas foliage. 

The tiniest ice skating rink and Christmas decor, Florida style.  

We received Christmas mail from Mimi. 
Rosie loves her new man in the moon ornament.
(so much that she wants to eat it)
Rosie visited Santa Claus
Boy, was he the real deal!
She couldn't stop staring. A very serious first meeting. 

 We took a dip in the pool following our visit with Santa.
Cutest little swimmer toes I have ever seen. 
We LOVE the warm Christmas season.