December 14, 2012

Little BFF's

The first of many series of 
Lyla Bird and Rose Lilly. 
1-smiley&confused.           2-you have toes too?
3-Take another picture of us and I'll stick my tongue out.            4- help! she's falling on me
 These two are already best friends, they even told us!
It's a dang good thing because they really have no option of not being so. 
Lyla's mama and I wouldn't allow it any other way. 
We didn't even plan their matching outfits- meant to be besties

Our paths crossed in SLC last month and we had an awfully quick visit. Too quick. 
However, it was better than no visit at all. Relishing in the joy of being together even for 15 minutes.
Repeating phone conversations and late night texts we call 'therapy'.  Always saying to one another, "I wish that you were here, or that I were there, or that we were together anywhere."

 Whitney and I at the Virginia Gold Cup Horse Races 
(part of her fabulous wedding weekend)
May, 2011

I've learned that true friendship continues to grow, even over the longest distance
- Anonymous


  1. I just love those names for the middle name is Rose, so I am a little biased ;)

  2. so dang cute. bottom left photo is my favorite!

  3. Oh my, these two are too sweet for words!!


  4. I just saw this post! Oh how I love seeing our cute girlies together. Wish we could be together more often. Can we plan a trip soon?! xo