December 11, 2012

Traveling Freak Show

Our Thanksgiving break was one crazy, wonderful time.
To start out, we barely made our flight leaving FL. 
The Tampa traffic is Terrible (deserves a capital T). 
We were quite the scene, rushing into the airport with a baby, dog, stroller, car-seat, 
and four carry-ons (because we are too cheap to pay the $50.00 to check luggage- yuck!) 
We made it through security in record time and I still don't even know how it happened, but it did. 
We arrived at the airport 20 min. before our flight took off and by some miracle we made it. 
I counted 12 bins on the security belt all at once- all of them ours!
 This picture doesn't quite illustrate the traveling freak show we were. 
However, it does capture the fact that our dog has a blanket! ha! Crazy enough,who are we?
 Happy to get off the plane, and welcome to Utah.
 Good thing the flight attendants were sweet...
I just wonder what they were thinking as they saw our crazy crew boarding the plane?
 We made it to the beautiful wedding of the Mr. & Mrs. Knight!
Someone got tired of the wedding weekend and decided to fall asleep sucking Daddy's tie. Yumm

 We attended the family Turkey Bowl on Thanksgiving day. 
The weather was gorgeous. Perfectly crisp and still sunny.  
Mimi and Rosie watching the game.
 Sleepy spectator.
 Another fabulous and memorable Thanksgiving.
Spending the morning with my Mama in the kitchen with luscious aromas filling the air.
 I think Thanksgiving has become my most favorite Holiday. 
Poppy's turkey and Grandma Mary's pineapple & raspberry jello, I crave all year long.
Going around the table and reflecting upon what we are thankful for, the best part.

More thankful this year than ever before, for this little one.

Cousin time.

Visiting the mall with Grandpa and getting LOTS of attention from cousins.

We met our newest niece Francesca.
Sweet little thing. 
Making me realize how fast time goes. (so cliche') but, seriously it's unreal. 
Rosie and Francie are four months apart. I can't wait for them to be best friends.
 I am sure they will be troublemakers without doubt. 
Rosie is already trouble, and Francie's got that gorgeous, wild red hair to go with it!

Our 'Seconds-giving'
We had a Thanksgiving dinner a few days later with John's family. 
Everyone was "turkey-ed" out, so it was 12 bacon wrapped pork roasts for dinner!
John played some tunes while the kids sang around the piano. 

 Spent a night in the beautiful snow capped mountains at Snowbird with my parents.
 Swimming with Bumpa
The view was incredible. 
I wish I could bottle up these moments and these views, 
pull them out later on in life and again marvel at the beauty.
Snowy mountains and banana splits make for a gooooood Sunday evening.

 What makes an even better Sunday night? 
WINNING John in air hockey. I have to rub it in. 7-5
He claims he 'went easy on me'
 but, was sweating mid-game. (not lying)
  Rosie is so lucky to have all these cousins who LOVE to take care of her. 
She is truly in her element with them. Totally bored of John and I already.


Hauling Rosie to see the lights downtown. 
She hates that snowsuit, but loved being out and about. I think she gave up the fight?


It wouldn't be a trip to SLC without dining at the Dodo. 
One delicious, sleepy baby/ chubby little hand on my plate,
 and one equally delicious smoked turkey sandwich with swiss. 
My favorite sandwich on earth.
My worn out traveling buddies in the early a.m.
The red eye flight is never a good idea, especially with a baby and a dog. 
Sweetest sleeping cheeks!
Poor thing caught something really nasty and was sick for a week after traveling. 
Broke my heart! First time being sick and it was saaaad. 
Wishing I could make her better more than anything.
We're all good now and grateful everyday for our healthy baby. 
A blessing we too often take for granted.