December 12, 2012

Today I tried...

Well, today I tried to take a shower. Like always, I thought it all out beforehand.
I prepped for a quick washing of the hair, got my face wash ready to go, etc.
because,I know it is only a matter of minutes before either the baby or the pup starts squealing or chewing on something they shouldn't. I put little Rose in the bumbo seat next to the glass shower door. I locked Eloise in the bathroom too, and handed them each a lip-gloss to chew on. (I know, I know, when I told John that, he just about died laughing.)
Bare Minerals lip-gloss container is super thick plastic with a rubber top. 
It is their favorite chew toy (They each have their own of course, no sharing eeeew)
So, two minutes into the shower, I am waving at Rosie, trying to keep her entertained while Eloise manages to grab my favorite polka dot sock off the bathroom counter, I jump out to get it before those dots become holes. I get back in the shower, subsequently Rosie drops her lip-gloss, Eloise picks it up, causing Rosie to lean far, far, far trying to reach it back. She just about topples out of the bumbo seat. Out of the shower I come to stop her. In. Out. In. Out. Next Rosie poops through her jammies. Back out, I take off the jammies and begin rinsing her off when.... the power goes out! No joke! Eloise barks like crazy, Rose cries, the power flickers back on, followed by an alarm in the kitchen beeping louder than I knew possible. Soooooo, out of the shower again, this time Rosie and I all wrapped up, turning off alarms and dripping throughout the house. I didn't even attempt to get back in. I sat on the bed and laughed for a good ten minutes at the series of events that had just taken place. One after another. All of that, just for a shower!
I might not have clean hair, 
but at least they are cute.
Washing hair is overrated :)


  1. Ha ha ha this is amazing! I only usually get to shower after Linc is asleep or I have to bring him in with me....the pioneers didn't shower and they survived ;)

    1. SO true! Who needs showers? P.S. so glad I got to experience the "pioneer experience" with you. good times:)

  2. haha unreal! you are a good juggler!

  3. hahahahaha the life of a mommy! I forgot how crazy it is :) nowadays he just walks in and pulls the curtain back and talks at me :)