February 14, 2013

A post about love (of course)

It is a dang good thing I only make these once a year. 
They always turn into a full day project.
Make the dough: Chill the dough: Flour the counter: Roll the dough: 
Cut out cookies: Roll again: Cut again: Repeat about ten times and bake. 
Oh wait..... still not finished. 
Mix frosting, decorate x 24 and finally done!
Eat yourself sick while in the process.

But they are oh so worth it! Tastiest ever.  
As a little girl I remember making these with my Mama every year. 
Then she would drive me around to deliver the love to all our friends and family. 
We would ring the doorbell and run. One of my favorite traditions.

 My sweetest little love!
My heart melts just looking at this face.
 I thought I knew what love was until this cherub showed up........ 
Some days I can not even believe she is mine. 
 I feel more than lucky to have these two girls to love and keep me busy each and every day.
Non-stop crawling, chasing and chewing. 

 As John and I were getting into bed last night, we had one little rosie cheeked babe sleeping between us, taking up half the space, and one very loud snoring pup right beside her- equally spread out, 
we had to laugh. John looked up at this picture I recently hung on our wall, and said 
"Happy almost Valentine's Day. Do you still love me as much as you did in that picture on the wall?"
"No" I answered trying to hide my smirk. 
"I love you even more".
Then I stretched my arm as far as I could across the baby and dog between us, 
barely tapping his shoulder to hug him goodnight. 
Those are my loves. 
All three of them. 
(Even if our bed is too crowded)

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