February 26, 2013


This day exactly one year ago, we lost a wonderful family friend.
I never wrote about it. It is still hard to write about today. I remember it like it was yesterday. 
A very cold, February morning. I remember my brother getting into my car and telling me what had happened to his dear friend. My sweet older brother in tears, it broke my heart in a million pieces. 
I had never had anyone close to me pass away at a young age.
It was hard. Really hard. I will never forget that day and the feelings that surrounded.
Derby was the dearest friend. I can't remember a time when he didn't make me laugh. 
He never had a bad attitude about anything. I will never forget our many trips to Lake Powell with Derby. One particular trip when we got stuck in a terrible storm out on the lake, it was scary. Derby was trying to hook up the jet ski to the house boat. We were all nervous and trying to stay calm in the rough waters, he fell in the water and we tried to help him back onto the houseboat for what seemed like forever. The waves were huge, rain was pouring down, the wind blew him away every time we got near him. He just kept signaling the OK sign with his hand- telling us he was fine, and smiling. When we finally got him onto the boat, my brother and dad literally had to drag him up onto the platform, he was so weak and tired, he lifted his head up and very calmly said
"and I thought about not getting out of bed this morning". Ha ha ha!
We all laughed harder than ever, just what we needed, and he knew it. He was full of jokes and happiness and a good attitude about everything! He then proceeded to make fun of my mom and I for crying so hard. "You two babies crying on the boat, you kept me entertained out there in the water"
He was such a happy and fun person. 
His natural example of accepting and befriending everyone is one that i hope to emulate. 
What a dear friend he was to us. I feel grateful to have known him and to know that he is in a beautiful and happy place. So grateful for the peace of knowing that his family and friends will be with him again some day. 

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