March 8, 2013


Today is International Women's Day
I started reading about the history of this day, how it began, when, why, etc. 
I got completely side tracked reading inspiring stories of extraordinary women.
I was overcome by the amazing stories of women from the past, 
those who paved the way for women today, those who shaped our history, 
those who were strong and courageous. I continued to read stories of women today; working, nurturing, serving, changing the world,  and just simply living.  
I can't help but think of all the amazing women in my life. 
Their examples and influences are priceless. 
All day my mind has been spinning, spinning, spinning with thoughts about how I can be an extraordinary woman, and make a difference in this world.
The thoughts are still spinning. The goals and ambitions are so overwhelming. 
We all want to be SO much and do SO much. 
I realized we make it so much more than it needs to be. 
We can make a difference by just being ourselves.
We must love ourselves and love others. 
We must know that we CAN inspire, we can make a difference, 
and we CAN do hard things. We must stick together. We must lift one another. 
One day at a time, we can slowly but surely inspire and change the world.  

One of my favorite inspirational books

Some of my favorite quotes from the book. 

"We never know how high we are
Till we are called to rise;
And then, if we are true to plan,
Our statures touch the skies."
— Emily Dickinson   
(My grandma gifted me her own Emily Dickinson book. I treasure it. I find so much inspiration through her poems. )


  1. I love the "she was patient with herself"...perfect. I know I am not patient with myself at times...need to be though!

    Btw, I e-mailed you a ways back about contributing on LiM...interested?


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