March 13, 2013

Mimi visits

There's nothing like a visit from your Mama.
Rosie was in heaven with her Mimi holding her 24/7, and for sure Mimi felt the same way!
The three of us girls spent a day on the island. 
     It doesn't get much better than a cookie on the beach!

 We stopped at the bakery on the island to try their famous coconut cake.
It was unreal. 
My Mom bought us an entire cake. Ha!
Eating coconut cake on the beach= pure bliss. 
 We visited the Manatee Center.
I was surprised at Rosie's interest in the manatees. She could have stayed all day.
It was on of those moments of realization for me (cliche' phrase) she is growing up way too fast!
She was grabbing onto the railing and pointing that cute, chubby, little pointer finger as the giant manatee noses popped in and out of the water.

                           Holding on tight to the manatees from Mimi.
The manatees were fascinating.
It was a really cool and windy day, making it perfect for viewing. They swim into the warm cove waters on cold days, as they wade in the shallow warmth and entertain all of us.

Lunch on the bay front.
 Like mother, like daughter, like granddaughter- we all LOVE the sunshine. 
Pool days with Mimi are so much fun for us. 

Mimi visits are so wonderful.
Having her all to ourselves is such a special time. 
We so look forward to the visits. They are such treasured moments.
Every time they go by faster than ever.
From the minute we picked her up at the airport, to the same curbside drop off, she spoils us with love, laughs, special treats and much more. I miss her so much. It is so nice to have my best friend with me (even if it's only for a week). It makes the time that much more meaningful and special. Spending days in the sun, laughing on the beach, shopping together, running errands, no matter what it might be, it's always better with my Mama. There's nothing like it. I am so grateful for the visit.

When it's time for Mimi to leave, John always says " Ok, now don't cry this time you girls"
Which only makes us cry worse. 
We cry and then laugh and then say "It's only a short time until the next visit" but, then we start crying again. Ha! It is so hard being away from family, especially my best friend.
I have to be grateful for the visit each time and look forward to the next. 
This time Rosie was just as sad too.
As we pulled away from the airport she started to cry and cry and cry. 
I had to pull over and get in the back seat for a minute and just hug her.
We both cried and then I smiled because I  needed her and she needed me, 
 and it made me think of my Mama and how lucky I am. 
I hugged her so tight and then we went to the store and got a carton of ice cream


  1. love all the pictures! three generations of beauties! you know i feel you on the tears when your mom leaves! :( at least you had a fun visit though. dying for that coconut cake now..XOXO

  2. I feel your pain:) it's no fun living away from family, especially your mom. That's so fun she came to visit and that cake, it looked divine! Saying goodbye is the hardest. Thank goodness for technology :)

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