March 21, 2013

Reese's in the tub

Well, I started to laugh really hard tonight when I slowly caught up with this crazy day. Finding myself in the bathtub with Reese's Peanut Butter Egg wrappers floating around next to me! Ha ha! For real.
We've been in a real funk the past couple days. John has been pulling all night studying for midterms, poor Rosie is teething up a storm, the dog has been naughty as could be, and me, well I feel like I am experiencing all of the above. Truth is, it's not that bad, just enough to write about, to give me strength and motivation from writing, seeing my thoughts and feelings in real words, not just my spinning head.

So tonight....... after days of no sleep, no naps (baby included) pup going potty on our bed, baby falling off the bed, numerous tantrums protesting being in a car-seat, dirty dishes in the sink, piles of laundry, toys scattered everywhere, a red/sore and scratched nose due to "kisses" from the pup, and really really wishing we lived closer to home where I could call my Mama to come over and save the day, tonight....
I find myself in the tub with my peanut butter eggs, ha! But really, I find myself realizing again and again, it's ok. The dishes will get cleaned, laundry will be folded, long nights will be a short stage (we hope) and we will have a well behaved dog. One day I will look back and miss these crazy days! I love the reminders and the gentle love from heaven, reminding me of what is most important. Reminding me just how blessed I am. Then I am overcome with gratitude and I smile again.

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  1. Even if today is much better than your previous days have been (which I hope it is)....I still suggest ending your day with more Reece's in the tub!! Lol I love it!!!