April 5, 2013

Friday Favorites: Baseball Tees

I have been really loving these comfy baseball tees lately. A favorite item for sure.
A classic wardrobe item, it can be dressed up or down.
I find myself throwing one on allllll the time. 
One Sunday I was running late, well, who am I kidding every Sunday I am running late. 
So,  I quickly tucked this into a bright green pencil skirt and ran out the door. 
Totally worked. Plus- I have never been comfier at church!  

(Excuse the terrible wrinkles!! 
My Mama would go crazy- she's the ironing queen. I am the worst ever. 
Luckily there's one good thing about living in 90% humidity= wrinkles gone when you step outside.)
Striped baseball tee- H&M

Perfect orange/red baseball tee: Jcrew                Lime and gray striped baseball tee: Forever21
 Here is another favorite coral tee. But lets be honest this gorgeous babe steals the show!
After all, she is my VERY favorite.
   Little miss independent wants to stand everywhere.
My joy!
Every day I love her more than I thought possible. 
Those little hands clap.clap.clap all day long and my she is so proud!
She turns the daily ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

Little anchor outfit: Target