April 15, 2013

Staycation Spring Break

John had a 'sort of' Spring Break (some days off, some on) 
 so we took full advantage of any time we could get. 
We had hopes of getting away for a few days, somewhere new and adventurous.
We ended up having a mini staycation instead
We spent a few days at the pool. 
Right where we all love to be.

We got really crazy and went hot tubing at midnight! 
This little night owl loved it.
I wish we had spring breaks more often. 
Late night hot tubing and our favorite gelato...... does it get any better?
The three of us relaxed and ate right from the carton as we star gazed.
This picture is a bit dark/fuzzy, but I had to share it. Pretty sure this kid has the life

John surprised me with Kenny Chesney tickets. (He's not a big fan)
We were both so excited to have a night out. 
It was the first time we left the babe with anyone but her Mimi. 
Being away from family is so hard for this reason. We couldn't be more grateful for our sweet friends who have become our family here. They love Rosie so much and were so happy to babysit.
We walked in their house and Rosie started putting on a show, acting like she owned the place!
The whole family was home to babysit her, even their teenagers (on a Friday night!) 
She was eating up all the attention and we knew she was in good hands, 
As we pulled away I started to cry. It had been a whole two minutes and I wanted to call them.
I know, I am crazy. 
Right then my phone rang! I panicked, "what, we just left" I thought.
Then I heard,  "It's us, we just wanted to let you know Rosie is doing fabulous!" 
Ha! I laughed, they laughed (They know me too well) and I knew it would all be ok. 

We definitely enjoyed the night out together. 
I sang and danced to every song, while John laughed at me. 
Country music concerts are a whole different experience in the south. 
Especially an island-country boy in the gulf. Such awesome people watching.
 The weather was perfect for some Spring Break play dates
It was a good week.

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  1. so darling! stay-cations can be the best. you are too pretty and skinny! jealous of the kenny chesney concert..xo