May 16, 2013

DIY chalk canisters

This was a real simple DIY.
 Just the kind I like. 

Canisters (These glass canisters are from Home-Goods & cost about $4.00 each)
Paper- To make stencil
Tape- to tape off stencil
Chalkboard Spray-paint (can be found at any craft store, target or walmart)

On a regular piece of paper I drew this little shape, 
(took me about a billion times to get it right, I am not an artist). 
I then cut out my stencil and taped it right onto the glass. 
I sprayed one coat of chalk paint, dried for an hour and sprayed one more. 
The photo below shows how the paint drips a bit. All I did was use a rag and my fingernails to wipe/scratch the drips off. It was seriously so much easier than I thought!

Super easy *and CUTE  chalk board canisters for under $20.00

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  1. So cute!! We just did a little project as well over at