May 22, 2013

Home sweet home

I haven't posted in far too long. We were on vacation (went home to visit) and then we caught a very yucky bug- like the worst sickness/bug in a long long time. We have been on antibiotics for over ten days, and finally... finally feeling better. For two weeks we have been a sick, lazy, sleepy, lounging family. It drained me. Oh, and I somehow agreed to altering two prom dresses for young women from our church, so that has been just a wee bit of a time commitment (wink). Anyways, Rosie and I went "home" to visit and meet our newest baby in the family. I still call it home, and always will call it home, even if it is not our real home for the time being. We were all three born in that beautiful salty city, we met and fell in love there, and our dearest families are there = home. I love going home; the sight of the snow capped mountains from the plane, walking into my parents house and feeling comfort like none other, special treasures placed on my bed from my Mama, lunch dates, family parties, cousins, late night snacking with my Dad, outdoor adventures with the brothers, sitting on the foot of my parents bed all night while I chat with my Mama, spending time with my sweet Poppy and Grandma, laughing with friends, and of course yummy food. Rosie and I were sure lucky. 
Sorry in advance for the picture overload

The best way to fly!
 Adventure to Snowbird. It was beautiful in the mountains. 
Rosie fell asleep at the restaurant mid-bite of her bread ha!
We celebrated Grandpa Doug's graduation!
Buffet at The Grand America to celebrate.

                                     Lunch at the Dodo of course. I dream of the Turkey Sandwich alllllll the time.
 Celebrated these two cute Birthday Boys!
 We did a brunch with my cousins and all their kiddos. 
Such fun times to see all of them together.

 We laughed and laughed as we goofed around with the camera timer...... (cut off cousin Karalyn... oops)
 Visits with friends are always fun - not at this particular moment maybe?
This makes me think of "Charlie you bit my finger" only reversed ha!
Zoo Day

 The first zoo visit for little miss and she loved it.

More cousin time

 We had to get photos of these two chubs!
Francie and Rosie
Bff cousins. Just three months apart. 
They are going to be troublemakers someday!

 Swinging with Grandma Linda
Just hanging with uncle Landon

 The sweetest visits with my Poppy
I love how this photo captured their wall. 
This brings back many childhood memories on that wooden bench.

 Our fun night downtown. 
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Co. 
Apple Pie Caramel Apple!!
It is quite entertaining attempting to get a good photo of these three. 
One wee little one screaming in a car seat, one very wiggly one,
 and one patient seven year old trying to control them both 

 The temple grounds were covered in gorgeous tulips. 

A must must must visit while in town
I swear I am drooling right now as I think about these waffles. 
There's nothing that compares. 
This was our last stop before heading to the airport. 
I made sure of it!

 It never gets easier leaving.
The first few times I left home I thought "Someday it will be easier, I just know it"
Nope! It's still not. In fact, maybe on the contrary. 
Now with Rosie it's even harder leaving. She is SO loved by everyone, and my heart just melts when I see her with all of our family. She can feel it. They can feel it. It's true joy!
We are so blessed to be loved by so many.
I am grateful for the visits home and the many memories we make. 
Each time I get on that plane with tears in my eyes, 
and see those blurry beautiful mountains fading in the distance behind me, 
I smile and get that much more excited for the next adventure home.


  1. she is darling!! what a fun visit home...this made me excited to go home in a few weeks to visit! XO

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