July 26, 2013

Friday favorites

It's been a while since I posted Friday Favorites. We've had a crazy busy summer, with our little one turning one, visitors, vacations, and being under the weather for a while. I am finally getting around to blogging. This is a summer edition. I can't get enough of summer! Here in Florida we have a license plate with a beautiful sunset background and a silhouette of a surfer it reads "Florida, Endless Summer". Every time I see one I smile. That's my kind of happiness. Loooove summer time- but who doesn't? 

These are some of my favorites right now!

1. Hayden Reis shell bag- this is a mesh bag for collecting shells at the beach. It would also be perfect as a little cosmetic/carry all for summer. They have  darling beach bags. I want them all! 

2. Physicians formula bronzer strips- this is my summer staple for makeup. I dont put makeup on most summer days. I just swipe some of this on my cheeks and it makes me feel good to go! It also doesn't break out my sensitive skin. 

3. La Croix- coconut flavor! Unreal! It's so refreshing and zero calories/sugar. 

4. Argon Oil hair care line- this rocks! It's so great for hair in the summer the Argon oil does wonders. It's also such a great price. You can find it at target or walmart.
5. This necklace is such a summer statement. Check out Agate Mermaid shop. She has fabulous items. They all just ooze summer! 

6.My new favorite sunglasses. They are super light weight, and on sale right now at anthropologie. 

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