July 15, 2013

Whimsical Nursery Tour

I am honored to be guest posting over at Mine` Style Blog today; featuring Rosie's whimsical nursery.
Check out their blog for the full post. 
I love following them. They are full of great info and fun style tips for the mini's. 

This is by far my favorite room in our place. The sunlight is always brightest in the nursery. I enjoy decorating with sentiment. I love stories behind pieces that make up a room. I always imagined having my own little girl, a real doll in a real nursery.

I love standing in the middle of this room, snuggling her so tight and telling her all about it. 
The perfectly blooming yellow roses from her Mimi, the painting of her very own puppy Eloise
 (by, her Grandma Linda), the pop up book of New York City I purchased on busy Lexington Ave. as I walked out of the very first doctors appointment with her, the silver mug I scratched a million times as a baby girl myself, the 100 wish tickets my Mama gave to me as a girl, the desk and chair we bought as newlyweds and spent hours refurbishing.
This room is full of stories. Stories old and stories new. I love cuddling up next to Rosie underneath the dainty bird mobile as it spins beneath the eyelet ceiling drapes her daddy so proudly made for her.
 It's such a peaceful, magical place to be.
I love watching her play with all her stuffed animal friends and baby; in and out of the bassinet all day long.I love hanging her hats on the wall after we have played dress up a few times for the day. I love to repeat the quote to her daily, whispering in her ear, "You will move mountains".
Mostly I love this room just because it is hers!