August 19, 2013

First Birthday Party For Our Girl!

I was more than excited to throw Rosie's first Birthday party.
We knew it had to be at the pool, because that's her favorite place.
I love how the table turned out. 
John reminded me numerous times "It's just a little party" 
but..... you ONLY turn ONE ONCE right?!

I love these cool aqua tones. If you can't tell... they're my favorite colors lately. 
We did brunch, so we had yogurt parfaits topped with the yummiest blueberry pirouette cookies, 
and donuts of course. I found a blue Hawaiian punch for the kids, it was a hit.

 Rosie was having a ball with all of her friends at her party. 
She definitely acted as if she knew all the attention was hers.
She went down the water slide by herself for the first time, with a huge fan club cheering at the bottom. She was eating up all the attention. What a lucky girl to have such wonderful friends.
Dad grilled delicious lunch for everyone and we finished just before a giant rain storm blew in. 
It was the perfect day for our brave, sweet, happy, little swimmer girl.

 First Birthday party success!


  1. First birthdays are always amazing! I loved the theme you had going on. Everything looked lovely! When my son turned one we had a fiesta themed party for him. Happy first to your sweet girl!


  2. Wow where has the time gone?! FIRST Birthday Party!! Job well done on your first year mama! What an adorable party for an even more adorable little girl!

  3. This is adorable! Love everything about it :)

  4. Love this so much! How adorable! You have a talent for making parties look cute!

  5. New follower. What an adorable party and cute blog you have!
    Andrea Snow

  6. Oh my heavens! Cutest party, don't get me started on her gold dot swimsuit. She is too precious.

  7. She is ridiculously cute and you are so pretty!!!!