August 19, 2013

My Rosebud, 1 year.

A (very late) first Birthday letter to my Rosebud,

I can't even believe you are one year old. It seems like yesterday I was holding you on my chest for the first time. I remember feeling like it was going to be forever and ever until you arrived and then suddenly, in the midst of everything, there you were. My perfect little girl. I remember everything right up to that moment and immediately after, but truly that moment you were born was the first time I felt time standing still. I had heard the saying before, just imagining what it could be like. This time it was real, for a split second  in my world everything did stand still. It was a warm, quiet, bright, peaceful, moment. Since that beautiful moment, life has never been the same. I find myself tearing up as I think about how fast your first year flew by. It's something that still baffles my mind. The first few nights after bringing you home I checked on you a million times- just to make sure you were still breathing. Your Daddy constantly carried you around in one arm, tucked in his forearm, he held you like a treasure. Your perfect little head rested in the palm of his hand just like a puzzle piece, as if his hand and your little head had been carefully made for each other.

 The day you smiled at your puppy Eloise I thought my heart was going to burst and you two started cuddling just days after we brought you home. Your chocolate brown eyes melt me. The first time you said "Mama" I was filled with more joy than I ever knew. You were so determined to crawl and walk at your own (fast) pace, it was so fun to watch. You talk all the time and repeat almost everything. It's the cutest everrrrrrrrrrr. You have loved to dance since you were so tiny. Your little head bobbing to the beat, humming along. I could watch you spin around and bounce to music for hours and hours. Your curiosity is something I hope you never lose. You notice everything around you and you have always been one step ahead of the game. Involved in everything that is going on around you, you truly don't skip a beat. Your iron will and determination are unlike anything I have ever witnessed. I know you will change the world with that passion and drive you have. Not a day goes by that I don't thank my Father in Heaven for you and your beautiful spirit.
 I am so lucky to be your mama, I still have to pinch myself. I can't believe it.


This photo is the perfect capture of my Rosebud, always moving, so fast.