August 12, 2013

Island day with Mimi and Bapa

We have been on vacation for a few weeks and I haven't been blogging much at all. 
We just returned from our family week in Newport Beach and I am finally catching up on things.
 I still have the beach on my mind! I love the beach so much. It's my happy place. 
I had to share these pictures from a month back when my parents came to visit us. 
This Island is unreal. 
The Aqua color is something I could stare at forever and ever.  It instantly calms my soul. 

Mimi and Rosie
This warm, perfectly minty colored water is heavenly. 
Rosie absolutely loves swimming in the waves. 
It's pretty dang cute to look out into the waves and see that
 little round head bobbing up and down in her daddy's arms.

Rosie & Bapa
The chubbiest, yummiest, sandiest cheeks I ever did see.
I mean, come on!!!
This cracks me up. I was full on posing for the photo and Rosie apparently didn't want to.
Nothing better than being at the beach with my beautiful baby.

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