August 15, 2013

Mimi and Bumpa visit part 2

Visits from these two are the best ever!
Rosie gets 100% attention for days.
I get to have my best friend and Mama to chat with, shop with, and cook with.
My Dad always finds a way to help out with anything and everything he can while he is at our place. We all get to hang out and enjoy our time together. It's a wonderful break for us.
Every time they leave I find myself just aching for their next visit.

Bapa building the new stroller for Rosie's Birthday. (with a little helper)
Petting sting rays, and a walk along the bay front.

They took the Birthday girl to the toy store to pick out her presents. 
It was quite the night. She was totally in her element, and tried out almost every item in the store.

More beautiful beach days of course.

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