September 19, 2013

Being Brave

Last night John and I were up late being lazy, eating some leftover peach cobbler and ice cream of course. We were both practically falling asleep on the couch, but too lazy to get up and go to bed.
We came across this short video clip, and I have been thinking about it ever since.

Courage comes in many many forms. Showing courage can be something as monumental as Esther in this video- standing up for what is right, at the cost of her own life, saving an entire race. Courage can also be something that may seem as simple as getting out of bed in the morning. Truly all forms of courage take "courage" right?!
Being brave certainly doesn't mean there will be an absence of fear, but we take victory over those fears. Little fears, big fears, any fears, when we are brave, we are conquering. 
The times in my life when I had to be brave but really really didn't want to, are constant little flames that I hold onto and resurface to light that fire when I need to be courageous the most. 
Sometimes in life we have to be courageous and brave in really unfortunate circumstances, and sometimes we have to be brave in small, everyday circumstances. Whatever the situation, trusting in our Lord and choosing to be brave will always be a good choice.

Today, as we were on our morning walk, I witnessed courage in such a simple yet profound way. 
Little miss independent Rosie wanted to get out of the stroller and actually 'walk' on our walk, figures! She was walking beside me for a few minutes, keeping up until we reached the end of a big, tall sidewalk, she stopped and looked around and made a bit of a frustrated/scared noise. She looked up at me and gave me that look like "hello, help me mama, don't just stare at me," as she reached her hand out for mine. I was holding the dog on her leash, a sippy cup, a doll, and pushing the stroller at the time. I said "big step Rosie, you can do it" she looked at me like I was crazy. " You can do it baby girl, slow step, one foot" I said. She slowly but surely stepped down off the sidewalk grinning ear to ear, strutting up and down. That proud little face was too much to handle! Cutest. Thing. Ever.
 We had to repeat this step about five times of course, up and down she went, smiling each time. 
I loved this moment. I loved the lesson it taught me and the reminder within. 
All it took was a little bit of courage. 

Playing in balloons in our jammies this morning.