October 3, 2013

Wild West

We've been so busy lately and I have been really trying simplify my life and not try to bite off more than I can chew on a daily basis. I have been trying to spend more time doing the most important things, and then if I have time I will blog etc. So, it's been a long while since I posted. 

 At the end of the summer we were so lucky to be able to take a very long vacation back home to the wild west! (My heart belongs there) 
It was the best month, spent with all of our loved ones (missing them now).
It always feels so good to be back home. We love to point to the giant mountains through the airplane window and tell Rosie all about them. We love the soft plush grass in the valley, and the warm blue lakes against the red rocks in the desert. We love all of our eateries and favorite stores, we love the memories, but most of all we love our people there! We love to be with our family and watch little Rosie with all of them.

We had such a fun few days in Las Vegas. Of course Rosie was spoiled by her aunt Lola, Uncle Tom, and all of her cousins. We spent a few days swimming in their backyard, 
watching movies outside at night, and a beautiful day on the lake.
The brave ones: cliff jumping. (not me)

 This has got to be one of my favorite pics of Rosie. 
Nothing better than floating on a boat drinking chocolate milk in the sunshine.
 Rosie and aunt Lola

 Isn't my Mother-in-law the most elegant boater? 
John snapped this pic of her and I love it because it is so her. 

 Much to my dismay, this happened!
I wasn't on board with the idea, but I knew he was going to do it,  I fully trust him though. 
He thought it was the best ever, and Rosie did have fun. 
This photo caused quite the ruckus with people, but it's all good now. 
Little surfer girl.
 Oh how I miss the mountains. 
We spent a few days in Deer Valley with more cousins. It was beautiful and fun, as always.

 How cute are these two matching bathing beauties?
 They were done with the photo shoot.
 More time in the beautiful mountains at Snowbird Resort.

 My sweet brother gave us all his passes for the mountain coaster and activities.
Rosie had the best time going for walks with him.


  1. What a sweet little Rosie. Such a fitting name for her.

  2. I loved seeing all these pictures! Rosie is just the cutest. Love you all.