October 21, 2013

Random ramblings about time flying by, + some fun earrings.

 Goodness the weeks go by too fast. 
I feel like there's never ever enough hours in the day.
I swear we wake up, watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse/eat our breakfast and then all of the sudden it's bath time and we're reading stories in bed again. I can't keep up with my little Rose on so many levels. She never stops! Even in her sleep she's wiggling up a storm! I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world though. She makes my days better than I ever imagined.
 She is definitely my sunshine! 
I always thought it sounded so silly how mom's would say, "they grow up way too fast", 
but there's really no better way to explain it. I am just loving every minute with this little lady. 
She sure tests my patience and I am pretty sure she's causing me some gray hairs already.
 I am trying to enjoy every minute of every stage. 
It means, letting the dishes sit in the sink a little bit longer, not doing my hair for the tenth day in a row, smiling at little crayon and marker lines all over our kitchen table instead of cleaning them up, putting down my phone, the tv remote, and shutting down my computer. 
She's growing far too fast, and I don't want to miss a thing. 

Also, I wanted to share these darling statement earrings that are on sale this week over at  

 These light weight aqua earrings are only $7.99 - they will be up until midnight tonight.