November 6, 2013


Wow! Halloween sure did fly by. Our little duck collected quite the candy stash and we are all eating far too much of it over here at our place! I emptied her trick-or-treat bucket into a big glass bowl on our counter, which was the worst idea ever because every time we walk by I eat a piece,
then the little miss wants a piece, and of course the pup wants a piece
(yes we give her teeny amounts of candy) and then we are eating candy all day long.
Anyways, Halloween was such a fun experience this year!
Rosie loved every minute of it! She wanted to wear her costume all day and night, she walked from house to house carrying her pumpkin bucket all by herself, her little duck tail wadding the entire way. I have never seen anything so cute as when she grabbed a handful of candy,
looked up at whoever was holding the bowl, dropped it in and turned around to waddle away. Hilarious! She totally knew what this whole deal was about and
she trick-or- treated for much longer than I imagined.
By the end her bucket was so heavy she was just dragging it along the sidewalk,
 but still would not let go. It was one of those experiences I hope I remember forever.
(It shouldn't be hard,  I took enough pictures ha!)


  1. these costumes are SO freaking cute