November 6, 2013

Thankful chalkboard

I had so many ideas for "gratitude projects" I wanted to have prepared for the month of November.
Well.... I didn't find the time to make any of them, and November showed right up! 
I was a bit disappointed and determined to make sure I still did something of the sort. 
I turned our chalkboard into a giant "Thankful board". 
Much easier than the gratitude chair-back pouches I was wanting to sew, or the tree branches I wanted to cut down to create a gratitude tree in our place (my craft ideas are usually far too unrealistic)

My chalkboard writing needs some practice- that's for sure.  However, this was easy peasy, 
and it serves it's purpose: Reminding us each day to reflect on the things we are thankful for. 
Each time we think of something we are particularly thankful for that day, we write it down. 
We're off to a good start. Every day I am so humbled by the many, many blessings and I could ALWAYS be better at showing more gratitude. I love this month and the theme it carries. 

                                                                                        I think Eloise was hinting that we should write her name on our thankful board!

**I would love to see the different ways you all focus on gratitude this month, feel free to share below!


  1. i love this! you are the cutest mom and you do the most darling things. thanks for the reminder to be grateful all month long! XO